Melbourne Brothels Reviews Ashley Madison – Guaranteed Affair

This is not a typical review as I personally have not used Ashley Madison, I just got an email about it and thought the deal the offer sounded pretty interesting. Mostly because of the price, as the Ashley Madison ‘Guaranteed Affair’ costs about as much as most of us are willing to pay $250 or so for some sexy time with a¬† lady at a Melbourne brothel.

Basically you sign up for the special¬† guaranteed program which means that if you do not find an affair within the timelimit you get all your money back. There are some conditions like you have to make a proper effort, send messages etc so read the conditions carefully when you start the program, but they all seem pretty easy to meet. I’ve gone into the fine print also and it does seem like a pretty water tight guarantee.

The thing is if it worked, you’d be getting a hell of a lot more play than just an hour, you’d be getting repeat action without having to pay for it… Seems like it would be worth a shot.

Anyway if you want to check it out, here is the link – Ashley Madison – Guaranteed Affair

It might be worth a look if you are starting to get sick of working ladies, or if you just want something with a little more emotional involvement.

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