Garden Of Eden – Dandenong

Rates: 30 min = $130, 45 min = $180, 60 min = $220

Address: 2 Centre Kirkham Rd, Dandenong. Victoria

Contact: (03) 9792 4411


Nationalities: coming soon

Services Offered: full service

Place Categories: Melbourne Brothels

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6 reviews

  1. adam, September 24, 2012 7:06 am business - Garden Of Eden – Dandenong

    Hello i was wondering if use have any heavily tattooed/pierced girls?

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    • chloe, May 31, 2015 9:48 am business - Garden Of Eden – Dandenong

      I would recommend to come down and meet the lovey Kayla.

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  2. emlyn, March 8, 2014 7:30 am business - Garden Of Eden – Dandenong

    wish to have an appointment with Cambodian lady lynn.

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  3. John, August 31, 2014 10:43 pm business - Garden Of Eden – Dandenong

    This is the worst place by far. The staff are absolutely horrible and have no respect for paying customers especially the receptionist. Hopefully they can hire someone with common sense and at least half a functioning brain.

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  4. Mickey, June 25, 2015 8:52 am business - Garden Of Eden – Dandenong

    They used to have decent receptionists John, but I left because I couldn’t stand the way working girls and other receptionists treated clientele. Clientele are supposed to be treated with decency and respect but they have no clue how to do it. If you are looking for somewhere decent to go AVOID GoE at all times and try Butterflies perhaps. Good luck

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  5. Sam, January 30, 2016 12:09 pm business - Garden Of Eden – Dandenong

    I think it takes 2 people to click and be able to show personality when Dping intro with a lady … Gentleman there is a rule that manners and been a kind person will get you every where in brothels and in life … For The most part the men are very polite or shy however rarely rude unless they act like idiots or become condescending towards girls that are simply doing their job providing a service …,,, or they got small man victa happening in his pants and if you just treat and talk to all the girls the same as any other female ….. Now if you choose to act the dick then the dick gets annoying and becomes ignorant to his behaviour then yes you may not get the warmest welcome either…,, it takes 2 people to Engage and don’t be afraid to talk to girls ask questions and even have a sense of humour …. Most girls can kick arse at pool
    There so take up the challenge of you think you good enough too ….. Lol it’s a great venue with lots of fun times how you get treated depends on you …. Us working ladies after 4 we starting to clench the jaw at guys that act up
    ..,,,,, just saying you reap
    What you sow people …., management here very approachable and open to logical interactive ideas that could be used to improve our establishment which I was very very proud to work …. Hooray gals good works

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  6. Sam, February 10, 2016 10:52 am business - Garden Of Eden – Dandenong

    Hahaha that is all I have to say about this place . Back in the days it was good. Good looking women and fun place to visit now it’s a joke . Why on earth they would hire over weight women and expect you to pay money to have sex with them. What’s wrong . I thought going to this places would be fun not scary! Don’t think I’ll be going back there ever again after what I saw today it’s a joke .
    They don’t deserve any stars because they are a joke .

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